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Taichi and Qigong

When body and mind work closely together, when they are one, then we should value our body and take good care of it. With a weak body, also our mind becomes weak. Body power is not primarily measured by muscle mass. True strength is expressed in the body awareness and control. And last but not least in how much joy we have in our bodies..

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How does this work?

From the first moment you and I are a team: I apply my knowledge, you bring your will to heal and follow my recommendations. I adjust the treatment and recommendations according to the current results. First we need to identify your symptoms and see how they may be related to possible disharmony and energetic imbalances (anamnesis). An initial systematic anamnesis can take about 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the type of problem. Each subsequent acupressure treatment is preceded by a 5-15 minute exchange to continuously update the anamnesis. Treatment is with towels or a thin covering. These can also be my recommendations for your lifestyle (e.g. diet, day-night rhythm, sport, etc.), which are based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine and experience in martial arts. The aim is to restore the free flow of energy (Qi) in the meridians so that body and mind can regain their balance.

How does that help?

According to the Swiss Acupressure Association, acupressure can be helpful in many ways. For example:

For physical disorders:

  • caused by illness, operation, accident

  • pain of all kinds

  • limited mobility of joints and muscles

  • Skin problems indigestion

  • general tension


For general strengthening of individual resources and resilience:

  • self-healing powers

  • self-regulation

  • recovery skills

  • self-consciousness

  • self empowerment.


Additionally, you may find that acupressure can also lead to emotional balance. Thus, it can be a very useful support and adjunct to any psychiatric or psychological treatment.

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