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Taichi and Qigong

When body and mind work closely together, when they are one, then we should value our body and take good care of it. With a weak body, also our mind becomes weak. Body power is not primarily measured by muscle mass. True strength is expressed in body awareness and control. And last but not least in how much joy we have in our bodies..

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What are Taichi & Qigong?

Taichi is an internal martial art coming from China. It includes defense and attack techniques practiced very slowly and consciously. Performed like this, it harmonizes the flow of Qi and thus improves mental and physical condition. Taichi practitioners benefit a lot from Qigong, which is physical practice improving both energy flow and body awareness. With growing experience, one can benefit a lot from Qigong and Taichi in her/his day to day life. 

There are many different styles of Taichi and Qigong. I teach the way I learned it from my master, Nuno Damaso, who acquired his knowledge from Master Dr. Peng Wu Chih from Taiwan.



Classes take place in small groups and last about an hour. We exercise standing bare feet. In summertime we practice outdoors.

When: Tuesdays&Fridays 7 and 9 am 

Where: Schützenmattpark, near the Pavilion Cafe.

Cost: single - CHF 25; "10X Pack - CHF200/160 (-20% off first 10)

Contact to subscribe: or 0784006534.

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